Register to review the Alio 20.4 Release Highlights with other Connecticut Districts

Alio Summit – Connecticut
When: Thursday, May 21, 2020
Time: 10:00 a.m. to Noon

It is anticipated that on May 14, 2020, the Alio 20.4 will become available. There are a few ways to get the information regarding what the release contains.

  • 1) The release announcement may highlight a few key changes that are important. Also, from that announcement, the links can be utilized to direct you to specific documentation.

    2) After release, but before the district installation, use infolink ( Most recent release information will be on the home tab, but if you cannot locate it, Limit the Product to Alio. Then Limit the Resource Types to Recordings and Release Documents. As soon as the release notes and recordings are posted you will find them here. Please take time to review for features and changes that may affect your business needs.

    3) After it is installed for the district, on the Alio Home screen, there will be a link to the release notes and a link to infolink. Additionally, the Splash screen will display after the install when the users signs into Alio informing them of the release update and the modifications.

    4) Finally, your state Alio Summit meeting. We work with the group of clients to schedule a meeting somewhere near the release. Reviewing it with other clients in your state can often trigger questions or conversations specific to your state needs.

During this meeting we’ll review the highlights for FAS and HRS very similar to the recordings that are posted on infolink. After we will pause for discussion and bring up any items others may wish to discuss. We will then schedule the next Summit and request topics.

Please complete the form below to register. If you have any questions, contact Michelle Neiswender at 1-800-914-9879, or email .

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