Advanced Purchasing

Alio Advanced Purchasing was created to bring an element of simplicity to the typical request-to-buy process.  It is essentially another way to activate purchasing and create purchase orders.  Its primary purpose is to streamline the purchasing process through the buyers in your Purchasing Department.

Alio Advanced Purchasing features a much more immediate way to accelerate purchasing through its proper approval process.  One element of simplicity surrounds the fact that users are not required to search for a vendor and obtain a cost.  Once the requested item is approved for purchase, the district’s Purchasing Department is given the flexibility of assigning a vendor and the actual cost and transferring the request into a Purchase Order.  This promotes and allows multiple requests to be purchased together, for better pricing.

Advanced Purchasing can also be used to request already negotiated or contracted items, as well as a free form request.  Finally, there is an available “copy” feature that allows users to auto fill several of the required fields that follow.  Approval chains are also available for each item and pre-encumbering/budget balance checking is also included.


  • Requisition Processing
  • Buyer Assignments
  • Buyer Purchasing
  • PO Processing