Alio financial management

Alio Archive

School districts nationwide are embracing paperless business practices by implementing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. Alio Archive is a proven ECM solution with specific, targeted integration into Alio.

Alio Archive answers your need for the automatic capture and filing of Alio print output into secure, digital archive folders, as well as the scanning of physical documents.

Alio Archive was selected from the nation’s best document management offerings and custom-tailored to emulate common paper-based processes within the electronic world. Documents can be quickly filed or located directly from Alio Users are able to find  what they are looking for with the click of a button.

LINQ’s commitment to your success proves the management of electronic content is front and center.  Join us as we get rid of the paper and embrace paperless business practices.




  • Ability to access scanned documents from key Alio screens
  • Automatic capture, indexing, and filing of Alio generated output: checks, purchase orders, payroll notices, tax forms, etc. No printing and scanning or manual indexing required!
  • Auto-match functionality: related documents are automatically grouped together for ease of use and audit purposes. Think of it as an electronic paper clip.
  • Ability to scan documents from desktop or centrally located scanners (such as multi-function copiers)
  • Optional print output customization tool allows for checks, purchase orders, payroll notices and other key documents to be graphically enhanced, digitally signed and printed onto pressure-seal paper stock
  • Robust security features dictate which images are viewable, based on user and role permissions
  • Browser and thin-client based viewer
  • Fully integrated with Alio with minimal user interaction, and can be used by other systems, such as student information software