Alio financial management


Bidding makes it easy to develop bid specifications and preliminary cost data, as well as to analyze vendor responses and prepare bid awards. The preparation of purchase orders and the encumbering of funds are also less time consuming and less cumbersome with this module.

Bidding has an online catalog of items, whereby bid requests may be entered into the system by each department or location. Bid requests will be processed through the specified approval chain. Modifications can be made and vendor specification forms may be printed for distribution to prospective bidders.

With Bidding Vendor, bids are automatically awarded either by the lowest unit cost or total cost. Various reports allow administrators to analyze the responses and override low bids for justifiable reasons. Purchase orders are created and encumbered against the specified budget year.


  • Allows multiple bid cycles and multiple years
  • Unlimited account distribution per item requested
  • On-line Bid Request Approval processing
  • Produces vendor labels by bid category for bid specification mailing
  • View low-bid report showing vendor bids in low-to-high bid sequence
  • Allows low-bid maintenance by item number
  • Highlights alternate bids throughout the bidding process
  • Analyzes cost data by account number, category, department or location
  • Provides various recap reports showing total dollar value, total items and other information
  • Prints list of bid items where no bid was awarded