Alio financial management

Purchase Orders

Purchasing/Order Entry allows users to place orders/requisitions into the accounting system. Account numbers and available funds are verified. The amount of the order/requisition is pre-encumbered against the accounts. When the order/requisition has been approved through all levels of the approval chain, a purchase order is printed.

Approval chains can be defined by the district, including routing options by dollar amount, accounts, and type of purchase.

For example, the district can specify that all technology purchases must be approved by the technology director, in addition to dollar amount approvals.


  • Multiple account distribution on each requisition or PO
  • Detailed vendor inquiry to see all detailed transactions associated with a vendor
  • Audit trail of all transactions associated with requisition and purchase order
  • Supports blanket purchase orders
  • Generates POs against next year’s budget requisitions
  • Ability to key a direct purchase order bypassing approval process