Alio financial management

Revenue & Expenditure

The current year’s budget is maintained for the appropriated amount. An adjusted budget field reflects budget transfers or modifications and is the day-to-day operating budget for each account. Appropriated and adjusted budgets are retained throughout the year to allow comparison of budgets-to-actuals by account or range of accounts.

The Budget Preparation System interfaces with both the Financial Accounting System and the Salary Administration System to provide a comprehensive facility for budget development. Budgets may be developed utilizing historical information from the Financial Accounting System or by using zero-based detailed input. Throughout this development process reports are available for use in comparing the new budgets with prior actuals and prior budgets.

Data maintained in this system is easily downloaded to spreadsheets for simulations. Or, if preferred, budgeted information contained in spreadsheets may be uploaded. When budgets have been assigned satisfactorily to all appropriate accounts, the budget data may be uploaded back into the Financial Accounting System.


  • Runs alone or can upload budgets to the FAS
  • Base the current year budget on historical budgets or actuals
  • Create several versions of the same budget
  • Prepare budgets for multiple years
  • Tiered distribution of budget amounts for Control/Host account budgeting
  • Lock budgets or accounts for adopted budget amounts
  • Security system controls user access to accounts