Alio financial management


This system supports inventory warehouse management and distribution for materials and supplies using centralized or distributed requisition entry. The district can track inventory in more than one warehouse.  Inventory can be stocked in multiple warehouses.

The system is interfaced with the Financial Application System (FAS) and automatically distributes costs to the appropriate FAS accounts. Account numbers are validated at order entry time and balances are checked for availability of funds.

Inventory processing efficiency is supported through utilization of optimum re-order points and quantities. Back orders are automatically maintained.

The system prints all necessary picking lists, packing lists, order edit lists, order item adjustment reports and warehouse catalogs.


  • Issue, receipt, transfer, and adjust inventory items
  • Track multiple warehouses and their inventories
  • Items can be stocked in multiple warehouses
  • Set re-order points
  • Allow back orders
  • Track vendors for each item, including Catalog #, UOM, unit costs
  • Pre-encumbrance and encumbrance of warehouse pre-orders and orders
  • Electronic approval policy for pre-orders and orders
  • Provides “at a glance” view of inventory in each warehouse
  • Bar code scanning
  • Physical count process including auto creation of adjustments for item differences