Alio human resources

Employee Service Portal

Employee Service Portal (ESP) is designed to help your school district implement and manage a portal that employees can use to simulate changes to their current compensation, view their payroll advice, leave accruals, education and certificates on file, payroll deductions, and benefit package enrollments.  More specifically, they can submit requests to change their personal information, submit their time worked each week, enroll in new benefit plans or change their current enrollments, request additional payroll deductions, request leave, add or change their direct deposit allocation, and change their federal and state withholding.

Alio ESP also allows your supervisory and management staff to review, approve, and deny requests submitted by employees.  You can implement multi-level approval chains for each type of request available to your employees.



  • Maintain employee demographic information
  • District personnel directory
  • Employee business card information including job/assignment information and telephone number
  • Access employer forms such as the policy manual
  • Paychecks, YTD pay history, and W4/tax withholding information
  • View W2 information
  • Leave balances and activity
  • Educational background, certificates, and classes
  • Current benefit and deduction enrollments
  • View current contract
  • Time and expense entry