Alio human resources

Leave Administration

The Human Resource System provides automatic leave accrual and attendance accounting through its Leave Accounting System. Various sick, vacation, and other leave accrual plans can be established in the Employee Leave Profile for different groups of employees.  Management reporting and inquiry programs are available to monitor attendance.



  • Track accrued, eligible, and used and current leave balance
  • Enroll eligible employees in time accrual plans when they are added to the system
  • Multiple leave codes with multiple plans and eligibility per leave code
  • Transfer employees and their balances from one plan to another
  • Track FMLA related leave and associated dates
  • Sick leave bank donations and tracking
  • Print employee balances on pay stubs
  • Limit the number of accrued and eligible hours in an employee’s balance
  • Calendar view of employee absences, by absence type, to track absenteeism trends