Alio human resources


The Human Resource System (HRS) supports multiple payroll cycles, allowing the employer to pay employees weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly or any combination of these cycles. HRS allows for non-regular payroll calculations through a special payroll cycle. A special payroll cycle provides payment only to those employees for whom input is entered during that cycle.

Within a single screen, the necessary payroll information and deduction/benefit codes to be taken during the designated payroll can be defined to expedite the payroll processing.  Separate checks can be issued during one payroll for different types of pay for an employee.

HRS payroll provides encumbrance accounting for labor and benefit distributions covering contracted, salaried, daily and hourly paid staff.



  • Enter and maintain time records
  • Easy entry screen for use to enter time input, exception/one-time input, one-time adjustment input
  • Exception pay processing for salaried and unit pay staff
  • Calculate employee pay and deductions
  • Deduction arrears and garnishments
  • Create paychecks or direct deposits
  • Integration to FAS for labor and benefit distribution amounts as well as vendor liabilities
  • Payroll encumbrance for contracted, salary, daily and hourly staff
  • Interfaces for substitute tracking and timekeeping systems
  • Enter future contract, pay, and benefit changes
  • Process insurance invoices / statements for retirees
  • Federal and State reporting