Alio human resources

Personnel Administration

The extended personnel applications provide teacher and administrator certification, and employee education modules.

The personnel applications allow you to enter and report on employee demographic data, experience, evaluation data, certifications, endorsements and education.  The personnel administration provides users with a method to effectively manage the costs and processes related to personnel.


  • Maintain employee information such as employee reviews, certifications, credentials, and employment history
  • Perform wage analysis and EEO reporting
  • Administer health and safety information and monitor required tests
  • Audit trail for all employee changes
  • Ability to use either a system assigned employee number or a manually assigned employee number; the social security number is tracked in a separate field
  • Multiple earnings per employee and different earnings rates per job
  • Direct deposit - with multiple deposit locations per employee - distributed by percent or amount
  • Automatic generation of earnings information from contract amount
  • Maintain docking rates per earning and dock from either leave or pay
  • Maintain all dependent information
  • Distribute gross pay to multiple accounts by percent of total or with each individual earning
  • On-line inquiry to earnings and pay history, account distribution history, individual/check data
  • Federal W2 and state magnetic media and print verification
  • Track Highly Qualified Teacher training, on-going education and requirements
  • Track points or credits earned for each area
  • Affordable Care Act reporting