Alio human resources

Position Control

All personnel and payroll information is integrated into one database in the Human Resource System, eliminating redundant input. A single source of personnel and payroll information is provided, allowing the user to maintain and report all related information in a timely, effective manner.

The Position Control System allows you to track position history by position and by employee. Standard or default position information such as the employee type, location, earn code, salary range and standard benefits and deductions can be established for each position thus reducing the amount of data input required when new employees are hired. New employees can be added or existing employee positions can be changed as of a future date without affecting current payroll information.

The Position Control data interfaces with Budget Preparation and Salary Administration to calculate cost based on total approved positions.



  • Isolate personnel data entry from payroll data entry
  • Standard or default fields to reduce data entry when adding new employees
  • Reports to monitor and control staffing, report vacancies and over staffing
  • Track employee position history and position staffing history
  • Organize staffing needs by defining job or position requirements
  • Track employees, maintain budgets, and track assigned employees against those budgets
  • Define the qualifications and criteria for a position
  • Make mass changes to budgets
  • Define preliminary position and job budgets for future planning
  • Position can have primary and secondary jobs (i.e. coaching as a secondary)
  • Tracks original budgeted full-time equivalency as well as budget adjustments throughout the year
  • Analyze position budget changes including salary, account, benefits and full-time equivalency impact
  • Make data driven decisions based on actual remaining budget amounts for the position