Alio human resources

Salary Administration

The Salary Administration System interfaces with the Human Resource System (HRS) to assist with all aspects of the salary administration process. The system automatically imports employee information from the HRS, generates employee placements on new schedules, updates the salaries and will also automatically update employee placements and salaries in the HRS database. The system accommodates different schedules which can be annual, daily, hourly, or pay cycle based. Many features of the system are on-line, allowing the system to be used interactively.


  • Tool used to project and administer modifications to salary schedule plans
  • System interfaces with Alio HRS/Payroll system and data may be downloaded from the HRS system into the Salary Administration System
  • Results of salary administration process may be uploaded from the Salary Administration Systems back into the Alio HRS system
  • Provides the capability to maintain basic HRS data such as: employee data, earnings, deductions/benefits, and account distribution
  • Provides ability to establish and maintain multiple salary schedules and each individual schedule may have its own specific set of steps and levels
  • Projections of: schedule amount, contract amount, salary rate, daily rate, hourly rate
  • Uses FTE associated with employee's earnings
  • Each individual schedule has provisions to maintain: effective date, first and last valid step, last level, contract days, no. of pay periods, standard hours/day, provides special definitions for longevity parameters
  • Provides ability to control employee advancement on an individual employee basis
  • For projection purposes schedules may be combined into one larger schedule
  • Detail schedule amounts may be calculated from a base and step/level indexes