ACA Data Validation

LINQ offers an ACA Data Validation Consulting Service to help customers validate the data accuracy of both the Manifest and Form Data file, using the business rules provided by the IRS.  Clients are responsible for accuracy of codes/data you submit for an individual.  For example, if you misspell the employee’s name, the data validation will not catch this.  The data validation will be done strictly against the business rules provided by the IRS.

Are you concerned you may have data issues in Alio that will fail the IRS validation of your ACA submittal?  Have your 1094/1095B or 1094/1095C files been validated to verify the data meets the IRS business rules and guidelines?  LINQ will validate the Alio files using software recommended by the IRS that locates hard to find data issues such as those listed below.

  •  Incorrect codes in any submitted field; it is the client’s responsibility to determine the correct code that should be used.
  •  Double spaces in mailing addresses (i.e. 1234 Any Road Apt 12B)
  •  Generations in last name field (i.e. Smith, III.)
  •  Incorrectly named Form Data filename