Cloud and off-site hosting are plausible options or alternatives to traditional on premise IT constructs. These new consumption models for compute offer benefits of fast startup, scalability, agility, compliant security, and new technology acquisition models.

AlioCloud – Alio software is built to leverage cloud architecture. We’ve developed a solution for the unique needs of our education clients that is delivered from our own managed datacenters in the U.S.  While there are some very popular data center services in the market, our AlioCloud is built solely for the Alio software clients.  Consider our “Community” as a gated community.  Only Alio clients get in and we secure the perimeter around you. Client users can connect from anywhere at any time with just an internet connection and web browser.

AlioCloud premise version (as a service) – have the same cloud architecture brought to your datacenter facility.  Where moving off premise is not a consideration, you can still have the same architected solution delivered to your facility and still have the benefit of our Alio technical support and administration service teams.  Like the AlioCloud Community solution, there’s no capital expense to this model.  We’ll provide our same Alio “white glove” management and administrative services just as if the platform was in our datacenter.