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Weidenhammer offers a variety of training. Whether you are new to Alio or are just looking for some refresher training, there is something here for you.

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IRS Form 941 Updates to Alio
Tuesday, July 20, 2021
1-2 p.m. EDT

Description: The IRS Form 941 has been updated for 2nd Quarter, 2021.  The updates include five (5) separate worksheets that are used to calculate amounts to be transferred to the Form 941, if applicable.  Alio will provide the five (5) worksheets in an Excel format for the districts that need them.  Join us as we review the revisions to the IRS 941 Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return – program HE94101A.FMX as well as the new Excel worksheets.

The session will be recorded and posted on the infolink Web site.

Please note: The final revision of Form 941 was posted by the IRS on June 25, 2021.  If you previously filed your IRS Form 941 for 2nd Quarter, 2021, you do NOT need to refile your return on the revised form.  The IRS will directly notify those that need to file a revised Form 941.

Register here: IRS form 941 Updates to Alio


A recording for each session will be posted to the infolink Web site.  Recordings of prior Training Sessions are also posted to the infolink Web site.

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